Hi i wanted to do a mural about 4meters on 2meters now the first coating is on it with latex paint but now its the rest where i need help i normaly use golden airbrush medium with the rich ab-300 now how do i start can i do it with the golden paint or do i need graffiti paint after when its finished do i have to put on a clearcoat or not ?its a project i gone start next summer
Friendly regards bjorn
PS:sorry for the bad english
And sorry the last thing i posted said solved probably i did something wrong
I've only done one mural, used a mix a mediums. I started with the wall painted in flat black latex, then with everything masked off, I used a flat white latex in the large areas I was painting. I like the flat finish because I thought it would take the airbrush paint better. It worked very well, but semi-gloss might have worked ok too.... then on top of the latex, I used a few different airbrush paints, from my regular E'tac to spectra tex, and some auto air... just whatever I had on hand at the time.

This was inside a furniture store for the radio station I work for. It was a charity event, so it was getting painted over in a month, so never worried about any kind of clear coat.... if I had, I probably would have gone with a satin polyurethane, just for its strong resistance to moisture... I mean, if this wall is going to be getting washed, then you'll want something that can stand up to the cleaners.

Here's a picture of the one I did. I think it came out ok, and your Golden paints should work just fine, I think.
If it is going to be in the sun or outside you will need to use the proper paint(otherwise it will fade REALLY fast) and an exterior finish on it..I have actually used a waterbased clear with fairly good results
Thanks for the reply its on an outside wall and it has the sun all day in summer en the belgium weather a lot of rain so a good finish will be priority