Must have for artists!!! Anatomy app for artists.



Hey all, came across this amazing app that helps to get the right anatomical aspects to apply in your paintings.
Don't know if this was already known by most of you but i just post it anyway....i think it's a great help.

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There are actually 6 different apps by Mara3D, Human Anatomy, Facial Expressions, Male Anatomy, Female Anatomy, Monsters & Classic Sculptures.
They allow you to see all views from any direction.
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Search via your device 'app store' for 'Mara 3D' then scroll to 'developer apps' they're all listed there. There's a small cost associated with a couple of them but some are free to.
Nice find, thanks Sax.
Also a nice app Iceman ! These could come in handy once my skill level improves enough to do people [emoji1]