My 1000th post


ad fez

well havnt done this yet I don't think, so seeing as though it is my 1000th post I thought I would take the time to introduce name is adam, I'm from cambs uk I started airbrushing 5 months ago after seeing a guy on youtube named paws21 painting a helmet, I've never been at all artistic, never been able to draw, I actually got "ungraded"when I took my art exam at high school I was that bad! but I've always wanted to be artistic, so I bought one of those ebay special bd132 brushes (our whatever they are called) and a compressor kit, in total it cost me 80 quid and I set myself up in the garage....I started learning how the airbrush works by spraying stencil after stencil and I think in the first weekend I sprayed probably 10 different stencil pieces, then I found airbrush tutor, watched a couple of videos, tried a free practice sheet or 2 then tried the eye tutorial as my first freehand wasnt brilliant but it was something at least (I'll post it at end).from that moment on I have been hooked, I've now got a nice selection of colors and a badger velocity which I find great, although I have barely used any other colour than white as I seen to gravitate to white on black paintings....the only reason I have stuck at it and progressed as much as I have is the guys on here , the most friendly lively, forward thinking airbrush site on the net. you guys, micron, ran, stranger, squishy, andreza, chivo, stained, visual, ignis, madbrush, josh monkey fur pants cordyk, rebel, jackeb, and any others that have ever commented on my work are r esponsible for my continued drive.I almost want to complete work purely to show you guys the beautiful things.also a special thank you to trevor (wicked art studio) he's the guy with the blue cameron diaz pic.I watched his video and senhim a photo of y early work, he typed up a 500 word c ritique and inspired me to progress with my work, have me a sense of hey I can possibly do this, so here I am 5 months later and its all down to you guys! thank you so much2012-05-29 17.34.55.jpg2012-05-30 21.56.56.jpg2012-06-04 19.44.43.jpg from this

to thisbullit.jpgdance_01.jpg2012-11-06 23.11.09.jpg
fudge me thats impressive looking at them pics in comparison! 5 months newbs...listen watch learn like I did and you can't fail to get better!
LOL about time to hit 1000 now you just have to catch up with monkey man:D

Hello Adam welcome home , now sit down grab some shine and have a drink.. Congrats on your 1000th
how strange that the 2 people I name first in list of folk, reply to this thread in the same order??
it not your airbrushing we love for fez, even though it is great and awesome, its that big massive heart that you got beating in your 6 foot 3 massive chest that we love.. lol, we all love you on here cause thats is just who you are....again congrats bro
it not your airbrushing we love for fez, even though it is great and awesome, its that big massive heart that you got beating in your 6 foot 3 massive chest that we love.. lol, we all love you on here cause thats is just who you are....again congrats bro

Question for fez ,, Are you 6'3"with or with out the monkey standing on your head?

But yes willis we talking bout you....:D
ah dude...."sniff sniff"thanks.....yup I'm a lover not a fighter thats for sure.....guys I'm off to bed once again its 2 am and I'm on this bloody site!
What an AWSOME post!!!! And congrats on the 1000 posts!! It is great to have you here and your humor and talent speaks for itself.
Hey thanks for the mention Adam! Can't believe you got to 1000, WAY before me and I joined before you! I Must be slacking. Keep the chuckles coming, but just slower ok or else I'll never catch up! And as for your ABing, you can slow down on that too, I hate being left behind.
Hey congrats Fez. Thats a definite improvement in 5 months! I thought you'd been doing this longer then that. I doubt that I'll ever hit that many posts... I respond to a lot of threads/comments but about 4 out of 5 times I end up canceling. I've got a bit of a sarcastic sense of humor that usually doesn't come threw very well in written form, lol, so to keep from pissing people off unintentionally, I don't post anything.
But back to you... To me your one of the people that make this forum what it is. A fun, informative and supportive place. Keep it up dude.
Congrats Adam for the 1000 posts, when i look at your work i can see how much you improved since you started with airbrushing.
I stared out in March this year, also with a ebay chinese complete set lol, and i also did stencil work only at the beginning untill
i joined the forum here.
We're blessed to have you here mate:) thanks for all your ideas, suggestions and helpful posts. It's a great motivation watching you grow as an artist. Congrats buddy:)
Congrats on the milestone but if you think I'm going to wait for the rest of them to wake up and post (seeing I was last on the list) then too bad, I beat them to it :)
I honestly didn't realise you had a 'normal non artistic' start to airbrushing, it gives me hope ! Now all I need is some more time to get some practice happening
Hey fez, congrats on your 1,000 posts. It is cool seeing your pics in a row and to see the progress you have made. Keep up the good work!