my airbrushes



I have a bunch all makes and models...
Sata III
Devilbiss Dagger
Badger Crescendo 170
Iwata Eclipse
Matco Tools (believe it or not made by Chicago Pnuematic and it sprays awesome!)
I also bought this "six shooter" setup manifold with six cheap brushes (about 15$ ea.),
from a local cheap tool chain store called harbor frieght,
it works great for when i am doing airbrush tattoos, they spray A-ok!
I know I am forgetting a couple but just wanted to list them to show that
the 400$ brushes are great but I can and do still enjoy spraying dirt cheap
ones as well, they actually make me the most money as the work horses...
so dont buy the name buy it to do the job, If you like it, it s a great brush!!!
Have fun..
hey jdub

Did you import these from the USA? I'm looking to do the same set up, can you give me a link on what you have got setup.
I have to see a picture of the CP airbrush , Mainly because CP does not list an airbrush anywhere on their website. An AirScribe CP710 which I have .
Matco , Mac and Snap-on all sell an airbrush , But none are made by them .
Also show some of your paintings. , Yes, no one ever said you had to have a micron to do fine art , It just makes making fine art easier.
My Eclipse Cs is still the main work horse .