My eye



So after a second round of dots, lines, daggers, etc. I decided to get a "before" picture for the eye tutorial. So I made it my "end of day 2" project. I know the pupil is fubar and the blending could have been better, but might as well finish it. I was mainly wanting a reference for when I began to see where I can go. It was done in about 5 minutes.20130905_020155.jpg
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Great Job Ace. I do the same thing. Do the exercises and then at the end of the session I have a go at a project (eye or flames or whatever....). Sometimes I show my wife what I've don't and sometimes I just give it a Viking funeral before anyone sees it - LOL. The good thing is you can see where the exercises fit in when you do stuff like this and its a great motivation too (like getting the 350 chevy in my garage running for the first time). HeathD
Keep it up ace, you'll get it. My advice would be to slow down a bit. Give yourself some time to really concentrate on mastering the different techniques and strokes needed for this pic. (And every other pic for that matter, master the exercises, and you can tackle anything) You can already see that you are able to start and stop where you want to, and are starting to get to grips with dagger strokes (I found these hardest to learn and blends easy, just goes to show every one is different lol!) So just keep doing what you're doing and it'll all come good!