My first airbrush what I need to do or have?



So I got my first airbrush today, so what exactly need to do and what should I get?

And should I put the paint in first and thinner later and what is blending?
So do I need to buy some cleaning material/solution and a thinner for my acrylic paints?
What's the Make of paint your using,once we know that the answer will be easier.
If you know the brand the FIRST people you should always reference is the manufacturer, they will confirm that. Go against what the manufacturer says at your peril... !! If you are mixing and thinning in the cup, thinner then paint is my preference. As to how thin, that is up to you. Lower pressure is used with thinner paint, bigger needles can be used with thicker paint. Depends on a number of variables.
Vallego is model paint, it needs a reducer/thinner, you can use stright water to clean if moneys tight or get some brush cleaner
They have an airbrush line of paints too, do I need to use thinner still?
You definately want to use specific airbrush paint. It has a much finer pigment, and you will struggle with blockages trying to use regular thinned paint. You don't say what brush you have or nozzle size, but even airbrush paint will likely need thinning. I am not familiar with vajello paint, but even most of the straight from bottle paints, mean .5 nozzle or above, anything below that and you will want to reduce. One to get a smooth flow and stop blockages, and two to make the paint easier to control, meaning less air pressure and less overspray. As for what to use, use the brand recommended reducers etc.
Ive used Vallejo on models before and it can be a tricky bugger to flow good thru an airbrush (Even a .5). I personally prefer to use Createx Wicked line of paints on models because the reducer is far more superior and less headache.