my first attempt. second pic


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I have been painting fishing lures for a while now and decided to paint a few pics this was my second attempt at a pic IMAG0241.jpgIMAG0283_1.jpg the eye was my first thanks for the help an tutor
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Having a little bit of trouble with my dagger stokes. My question is can you do a dagger stoke from both directions ? Can you go from thin to thick or is the dagger stroke always done from the thick part of the line to the point of the dagger ?
Yes, you can dagger stroke from both directions. Dager is always done thick, to thin. Key is, practice practice, practice!! Take your time, learn your own actions responding to your gun, and before ya know it, dagger strokes will be as normal as breathing to ya ♥ !
great looking eye for someone who has trouble with daggers,they are a pain in the A$% to learn but as mentioned before it all comes with practise,so carry on!
You can do dagger strokes from thin to thick, but then it would be a reverse dagger stroke... someone... maybe Kiwi Terry... not sure who... but I have had a video a while back where they kept talking about reverse dagger strokes... wish I could remember because it made perfect sense at the time for what they were painting.
your work looks great :) you've got a good eye..... er and the eye pic is good too