My first exercise



day1.jpgday1a.jpgday1b.jpgWell, not really an exercise. Got my AB today and it was the first time I ever held one. So I just took to the paper to get a feel for it. No real rhyme or reason here. Just seeing what does what and how. The next time I will try out the worksheets, already have them printed out.
Congrats on making a start, bet you learnt a lot even by messing about, good luck with the exercises.
Nice I am jealous!

..... you know... bury that in the back yard with some weather proofing and a couple thousand years from now you could really screw with the archaeologists for that time.
Took my first shot at a couple worksheets. I know I have a long way to go. But hey, it is less than an hour of brush time, lol.20130904_170711.jpg20130904_171846.jpg20130904_172128.jpg
Decided to start day 3 off with some rock texturing. Again, this was just used for a reference and to learn the basics of it.20130905_175823.jpg20130905_180130.jpg
Looks like your off to a great start Ace, there is only one rule......practice, practice, PRACTICE!!!!!
Its been a great first few days. I've only been able to get about 5 practice sessions in, probably around 3-4hrs of total brush time. But this weekend I am planning (being the key word) for a few hours each day. I start every session with lines, dots, etc etc. Then end with the eye like yesterday or today I did the rocks. That way I don't go all cross-eyed, lol.
Seeing as how blending has been the toughest for me this week, I decided to try things to help. If I am blending by itself I can do fine, but when I try to convey that to a picture, it seems I forget how, lol. So I decided the best way for me is to practice while working. This was my attempt tonite. 20130907_015145.jpg20130907_020615.jpg I can only practice in spurts as I am in the garage and cant stand for long periods of time. Soon I will have a setup where I can sit and be more comfortable.
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When you can do things in exercises, but not in an actual picture, it's quite often because you start overthinking things, as you are worried about ruining the picture. Then you can become tense and lose your touch. So just go for it and don't worry. You may not always get a perfect picture, but you will get elements you can be proud of, which is awesome as it shows you are starting to nail techniques, which is the basis for every future painting you will do, and probably areas that didn't work so well. This is all good, as you will then teach yourself how to do it differently next time, or learn to correct things. This is a really important part of learning to airbrush. At some point everyone messes up, and knowing how to compensate, or correct or adapt is vital, otherwise a lot of hours of work can be wasted by a tiny mistake. Never be afraid to ruin anything, just go for it, and if it doesn't come out exactly as you hoped, then it's a great opportunity to experiment with how to deal with changing/fixing things. (Mind you I stil enjoy a little swear before I have to fix anything LOL) So just practice as much as you can, you're on the right track!!!!
I think that is spot on, lol. I start working on a picture but then the whole "haloing" thing starts bugging me. I know working on newsprint it'll do that a lot more, but it still bothers me for some reason. So I end up thinking about that which then makes me be more hesistant which in turn screws with me. But hey, at least my birds are decent, lol. Would lowering the psi help with the haloing. Im running creatix wicked at bout 25psi through a revo cr.