My first job with the colors



I know there are mistakes. I feel good ...


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For your first time with colours you did a good job mate and should be pleased, keep it as your reference to look back and see your progress.
Keep it up
I would feel good too if I could paint that.
Well done.
did you do a happy dance. and then stand there grinning at it. or is that just me. i like a few look at that sh$$ts chucked in. I started that once. It was a screammy rippy up the picture day though. You did a really good job on the eyes,alot of times people make them to white.
Good Job Domes, you are off to a great start with the airbrush.
I really appreciate your feedback and comments. They help me in future work.
thank you
I haven't posted many times but I've been lurking, I really, really like this. I have opened the picture about ten times. It's not photo realism (which seems to be popular) but is definitely art. I would put a frame around this and hang it, good job.
looks good mate well done , id be well chuffed if id have painted that
Reeaally hope to be able to paint like that one day, I love it!
Anyone who can paint a portrait that is obvious who it is has talent. Nice work, cool subject.