My first skull without stencils


Paint cup bubbler
I had a go at being creative.... Combined a few skull designs that I'd seen on google and combined them, getting the hang of slowly. It took about 15 mins so if I took my time I think icould do better,
I used auto air semi opaque reduced with 4010 4 paint 2 reducer, kept getting tip dry though
Way to go! Your first original! Maybe try reducing a little more and lowering your pressure to lessen the tip dry.
Yeh I'm still in the what paint? What pressure? How much reduction stage, only been doing this since last Thursday
Thanks for good vibes though, encouraging
We've all been there Lol! But you're doing the right thing, experimenting and finding out what works and what doesn't. Sign and date this, and hang on to it. Then in a couple of months look at what you did, and amaze yourself, cos if you got this far already, think how far along you'll be by then.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk1373318365.821644.jpg I saw Mitch do the leopard and I thought I'd have ago at an eye I found on google, to be honest, my second week at airbrushing, I'm chuffed to bits
Nice one mate, what part of brum you from and what do you ride?
Erdington and loud XJR 1300, ImageUploadedByTapatalk1374258522.370152.jpg just finished a not so monochrome croc eye, the diddly stuff got the better of me,
Erdington and loud XJR 1300, View attachment 17444 just finished a not so monochrome croc eye, the diddly stuff got the better of me,
outstanding job on the eye there sub! Really great.....the white over black/or the grey bit above the top left of eye grabs my attention a little bit, looks slightly the wrong tone compared to the very dark darks and the very white highlights but other than that a seriously god job.....textures are spot on shading indicates direction of scales really well.....well done brosef!
Thanks for the support, into my fourth week of doing this, I work for myself doing air con installs and breakdowns but my mind is on painting all day, can't wait to get home each day, but with the weather were having, I'm out all hours, cheers though
MrDigBick nasty, I must admit I only go every so often, it seems to be full knob'eads that think they do wheelies etc
Yeah mate,
I've street fighterd an fj1200 with an xj. Bassetts used to be awesome.

I must say you have some next level skill as an artist! Wish I had that talent.
Nice of you to say, but I don't see always, I think my paintings always look better on photo, standing front of it I see patches of mess, but I think that's how get better, airbrush tutor has been doing it around 15-16 years I think, if I can anywhere near that in 10 years time I'll be a happy manImageUploadedByTapatalk1374419418.825340.jpg, I done this last night and this morning, a mate wants it on his chopper project, got to keep doing it until I find I'm happy with it,