my first try



this is my first try to make a painting little bigger a dragon eye its only start but i hope i can make it look cool and real:tears_of_joy:
Good going alf!!!!! Remember buddy show and steady. ... Careful on that trigger
So you should mate is looking great. .... before you start tomorrow remember to doa few dots and lines to check paint is flowing well and get your muscles moving
Looking great. Nice and slow. You will nail this one!
It looks great mate.

I’m looking forward to seeing this completed :)
Don't go to heavy or to dark to quick. .... the eye/iris looks at 100% opacity grey in there and erase your textures and highlights before going Any darker.... Remember to work in light layers adding texture as you go...
That being said though is looking great so far and is a really cool reference
I think slow is GOOD!
Gives you time to reflect on what you're doing, and what you're trying to see in front of you.
Things rarely go as we want to see them appear, but if i get close to it I'm happy.
looking great so far are you going to erase the white streaks in the eye or paint them in with white i think they should be erased cant wait to see it done
yeah i agree with the ferret...erase the highlights either side of the slit in the eye and keep slowly plodding forward.
That's looking great so far, like everyone else says, lightly and slowly, keep looking at the reference and paint exactly what you see, I'd use a hard pencil eraser or even a fibre glass eraser for the iris streaks, and electric type for around the scales etc.

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