my first "wife" :)



I've just started with airbrush and spent a lot of mz monez for the equipment, so the first image had to be my wife, but it didnt went too good. I've had only opaque colours (white and black) and there I think it was hard to do the shades. Allready preordered almost all transparent createx colors som I am waiting for them to start my first full color face but this time I am gonna try Natalie Portman. Here is the result and the original :
2013-01-01 12.06.51.jpg44227_332185090210676_1606182252_n.jpg
Not bad now when do we get to see the painting of the second wife?

Oh wait this is your first painting and it is of your wife , I get it now,,, sometimes old brains just work slower.
Looks great to me!!! Im still learning portraits, and still have a lot to learn, lol