my ghetto k33's


jared pittman

As soon as I started a couple years ago, i read zsolt uses diamond polish- so I bought a set. The first needle I polished awhile back worked good but started spraying on its own- what causes this? I did a new needle the other day and worked it less. It will blow me a line at lower psi but to me even micron has limit on atomization. Any way wont pay $100 for needle but got enough diamond polish for every needle on the forum. I have used other polish but nothing creates mirror finish the way diamond polish does!!! I see why that was zsolt's choice.
the reason why Zsolt wet from diamond polish to the K33 is the fact the brush will start to spray on its own after a while or even straight away if you polish it wrong and change the taper
Spraying on its own could just be because of a sticky trigger? Or possibly when polishing you have gone too far, or altered the taper, but I would have thought that would have caused incorrect seating, giving air leaks, bubbles in the cup or poor spray performance rather than spraying on its own. If the trigger is clean, its possible that the little O ring in the valve is worn?? Just a thought.
I first polished my needles with diamond pastes of different particles size, but I was told some time after, that diamond particles cut into the metal and thus make it abrasive. So your nozzle is also polished:)
After that I make the polishing only with silicon carbide based compound. Result is the same mirror looking as was when using diamond paste, but without further abrasive properties of the needle. I'm lucky to get green compound from soviet era, when everything produced was high quality. This compound works great for me. It was finest compound for polishing the lenses. The needles now are like mirror;)
Is k33 a polish or name for needles
no the K33 needle is a needle that has been altered with a special coating , this makes em smoother and much stronger than a stock needle but with the same taper .
the K33 needle cant be polished or "repaired" with a sharpenair