My needle has (had) a burr



Sooo, I was cleaning my AB the other night like a good newbie and as I was running a q-tip down the end of the needle I felt a snag, hmmm, that's not good right? Well as I explored it with my fingers I could feel a little burr on the end like the tip might have partial broken. I played with it a little longer pinching it between my finger nails and it seemed to come off, though I couldn't fined the piece. I then took some fine grit wet/dry sand paper and gently tried to smooth the tip. I have seen where you can repair a needle though I don't think it is badly damaged, I'll know in a little while when I go in and practice my daggers strokes.
In case your interested in the needle repair suggestion here's the link.
Repair Bent Needles

Wish me luck.