My new Baby!


Goddess Queen of carts
So, a good buddy of mine, has started a new airbrush line, called the Hot Rod Eclipse Collection. I am one of the lucky ones, to get one of the first batch.
I also proud to say...Ive got the only "tittypink" airbrush gun lololol!!
Im SO very excited to get my hands on this beauty!!
If your maybe interested in one of your very own, except for my beauty color here, PM me, and I will getcha thw info!!
Cool!!! I have seen the black ones, but tittypink is good too! I like purple, d'you think they have helmetpurple????


Nice Meesh, not my colour at all, I'm more into a more relaxing lighter pink, but that's only if I can't have air force blue, and it's just in mice time for paint pals:thumbsup: