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I am new to this game and have been playing with an Aztek and two chinese cheapos and been having mild success with both. Or thought so until today when I took delivery of a Badger Renegade Spirit. All I can say is WOW. The last Badger I used was a 200 in the early 70's which had been used by all and sundry. I know there are better brushes out there but for me this is the dogs b******s. Unfortunately could not play for long as the power went out and if I use my compressor it will drain out the back-up batteries (power outs a daily occurrence in the Dominican Republic but we learned to live with it). I will still use the Aztek for priming and base coats but the chinese twins will get relegated to a box.
Hey Bagelman. Your power problem is even worst the ours here in South Africa. Was 4days without power last week.

The Aztek is a fun gun to play with. I first tried one in the mid 90's. Then it was the next big thing. You do not need anything more then the Renegade you've got. I'm glad it lives up to it's reputation anf looking forward to see the artwork you'll be producing with it.
well and i thought i was the only one with blackouts,when it rains prepare yourself!!!good with the new toy enjoy when the electricity comes back,if!!!:adoration:
wow makes me feel like i take it for granted were i live we always have power if we loose power thain iuts a big deal tha last time was huricane sandyi live on the same power gruid as down town the mayors orifice. so i dont think il ever loose power unles something cat a strophic happens as for the gun the renegades are awesome airbrushes. I had the same experience when i got my velocity WOW IT WORKS lol
You learn to live with the power situation here. We have an inverter and batteries which will generally last for twelve hours or longer if we are careful. Shortage of juice here so two four hour stints in every 24 is the norm. They are doing the annual clean of the power plant at the moment and outages can go on for long periods. Also when we get heavy rain one of the transformers blows. Last week we went 48 hours straight. I will still enjoy this brush though. Managed to lay some paint on a 1/10 scale bust of a templar knight tonight and I am well pleased with the result.

Hey AndreZA the Aztek is actually an ok piece of kit as long as you realise its limitations. It lays down a great base coat on my models and is is so easy to change tips. Checked out your blog by the way - nice one.
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Wow I guess I take things like electricity for granted. I could go without tv, computers, and other tech, but if I couldn't airbrush when I wanted to, I'd go nuts!
There are certain benefits to living here that somewhat overide the electricity problem. I don't possess a coat (don't need one), spend all my time in t shirts, shorts and flip flops, warm enough to swim in my pool on xmas day and the cost of living means my pension goes so much further. I spray when the power is on and then use the paintbrushes when its off. (always cold beers)