my new Badger



hi all finely i can spray with my new Badger renegade krom and wowwwwww i had no clue that it would be so big different between a cheep one and this it so smooth and now i actually control the paint its spray like a summer bris so easy and it fit in my hand so firm so nice to hold the balance is different from my cheep one and i must agree with all you guys and girls here in this forum you have said it so many times in different threads here don't buy cheep it is not worth it and you are so right i did the wrong thing and not search enough and bought a cheep set and now i see my compressor is getting so hot that i think it will explode lol its a Model A186 with a tank on 3 l but i build a a new one wit htwo frigh compressors i use this link as a references DIY Air Compressor with Pressure Switch - AirbrushDOC hope it can help any one ells to as it did for me take care and spread the love

I was in the same position as you, I had a cheap AB which came with an A186 compressor. Two weeks ago my wife bought me a Krome and a 2.5 HP compressor with a 50lt tank.

As you say what a difference with the AB , control is much much better , the Krome feels twice the size of my cheap AB , but fits well in my hand and the balance feels just right. I also find the air pressure is now much lowers for the same mix of paint,no suppose this is because the atomisation is better.

The Krome is a a lovely AB and I can't believe how fine I can now spray a line :)
i know exactly what you mean i love my airbrush and now it so fun to airbrush i only have to buy the last part so i can complete my new air compressor then i am fit to go and dont need to worry about that the compressor get to hot
Alf I run a homemade compressor and love it. Sprays up to and over 50 psi whenever I want. The compressor I bought can not do that consistently. My garage compressor will but its outside in the garage not in my work space and its way too loud.
yes i know thats why i build one for my self to its not finish i need some more parts but i tried it and it build a nice pressure to 6 bar no problems 20130817_174446.jpg