My Paasche Talon rocker assembly ISSUE



First of all, I have CLEANED out my Talon very well.
I had to because of all of the acrylic paint build-up.
Now when I pull back the trigger the rocker assembly gets stuck!
I have gone through the parts and cleaned it all out again to make sure it isn't due to dried paint.
I have looked closely at all of the parts ,especially the rocker assembly..I can not see where the problem is that makes the rocker get stuck back ...i hear and feel a 'click' when that happens too.
Anyone know what this issue could be? At the first close up photo you can see that the rocker is stuck at the back end. Thanks


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I know exactly....Thats what I use.
if you look at the third pic, the spring assembly is correct, but you need to turn the trigger so the curved side is toward the front. One side is flat for the spring assembly sits
Hope I explained it properly. and this helps
Tony THANKS,, Ill try that although I have not ever noticed any differences on both sides of the trigger..

Ok I did see what you were talking about,I turned the trigger around..flat side facing the spring/rocker assembly.
It STILL clicks back and gets stuck when I pull back on the trigger. This is SO frustrating !
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I compared your picture with my Talon, and it looks like your needle chuck sits farther forward in the handle than mine. I suspect the bottom of the rocker is not sitting where it should. It should rest against the rear of air valve. I tried to duplicate your problem, but I can't. Make sure when you install the rocker assembly that the rocker leans forward so that the top of the rocker touches the trigger first. Then, pull the trigger back to hold the rocker in place while you install the spring and tension adjust.

When I assemble mine, I set the trigger on the air valve and slide the whole unit in, with the rocker positioned like Don mentioned. and I dont have to hold the trigger back, just steady.
I also have my tensioner about 50% in. Try loosing it off a bit. I also put lube on the (Clean)spring and between the rocker and the trigger. The rocker moves up as you pull back, sliding on the trigger.
Does your needle move freely?
Hope this helps
OK thanks to you all, I will completely disassemble my Talon and then put it back together..using lube and also setting the tensioner in about 50% as well. Ill get back to you to update -cheers
my guess is that it's not the assembly in the back at all, but the needle sticking from paint build up. I know you say you cleaned it, but I don't consider any airbrush really cleaned till you start using Createx Restore. I've had tons of paint appear after I thought I had cleaned an airbrush super well.
Did you take the needle out and see if it still sticks? There are only so many parts on that thing... very simple.
I had the same issue with my Tallon after having not used it for a month or so, and what I noticed was happening is that when I pulled back, the needle wouldn't move, but the whole assembly that controls the needle would slide back on the needle and so would not come forward again since the needle was already all the way in. In my case it was stubborn old paint in the tip, gave it a thorough cleaning and lube and was back to normal.

Hope it helps. :)
Bossman - WhiteKnight thanks..
Although I feel that I have given it a thorough cleaning Ill give that Createx Restore a try as well.
Could it be that the problem is within the Talon's packing assembly ?
I have tried viewing every segment inside the Talon with good lighting and magnification. When I have I couldn't spot anything that would possibly disrupt the needles movement. That is not to say that it is 100% clean though..Is it possible that I am not able to see very fine paint build-ups?

I had just tried something different..(prior to trying the Createx)

I put everything back together WITHOUT the needle in place and guess what-
the rocker assembly still 'clicks' & STICKS backwards when I pull back the trigger!!

Now we are getting to the root of the problem..can anyone add to this??
I hope so!
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Maybe it needs to be lubricated ?? If so ,,what could I use to lube the interior?
Hi Artista, I personally use a specialized paintball marker (gun) oil, my thinking was that it is designed for orings and compressed air usage, so I cant be far wrong, others use Regdab lube (from badger) , super lube (Iwata) and Paasche lube. I vaguely remember someone saying one of them smelt exactly like something else from a machine shop , so...I recon it depends on where your nearest Michael's, hobby lobby or paintball shop is.
Hello again everyone,
(Hi again Don Wheeler, Bossman everyone!!)

Ok here is what happened..
I was going through my tool room this morning and came across this lube product,
'White Lithium Grease' its a multi-purpose lubricant .
I dismantled the Talon and applied this lube within rocker assembly and the spring housing.
I put it all back together including the needle.
IT WORKS -no sticking at all.

Im not sure exactly what is rubbing or getting stuck in the assembly but as long as the lube works Ill go with it.
Actually I will go to the store..(here in the U.S. maybe Home Depot?)
and pick up what was suggested to me to use- "Super Lube"
Ill update soon..:untroubled:
I hate to be a dealer in thread necromancy but my issue is very similar to this, and I didn't feel that a new thread was justified.

I dropped my Talon about a week ago while cleaning (only the trigger and rocker assembly were in when this happened) and since then the rocker assembly's been getting stuck. it makes pulling back the trigger very difficult, also. this happens regardless of whether or not the needle is in the airbrush.

I waited about a week for some lubricant (Badger Regdab) to arrive in the mail, I applied liberally to the internals (after a deep clean of course) but nothing is working. I can manipulate the rocker assembly itself just fine when it's not in the airbrush, it doesn't seem damaged or anything, but once it's in there next to the trigger it just seems to stick constantly.

I know the easy solution would be to spend the $10 on a new rocker assembly online but I want to try and fix this now. any help would be appreciated.