My painted sign method


Hot Glue King.
Ok first off I apologize for not knowing how to properly set this up right. Pretty simple to follow.

I've been asked if I could show some of my sign making steps so here's just one of my methods.

For this project I'm using mdf board painted with waterborne paints. It's cheap, cuts, sands and routers extremely well but interior use only.

1. I design my sign with my LXi master sign software from
2. I vectorize all my points so my plotter can cut them.
3. Here's my 30" plotter from signwarehouse.
4. After my plotter cuts my stencil using yellow paintmask from Richard's Dist. I lay my transfer on top so I'll be able to transfer it to my sign.
5. I'm going to give this sign a little character so I'm going to use Behr Crackle medium, one light coat and let dry an hour before adding top coat. Just went to Home Depot to get some more Crackle and they discontinued it (FIGURES !) This is where I'm at right this minute. In another 30 minutes I'll add my black topcoat. I'll have more pictures soon until sign is complete.


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Thanks for the great how to , It is nice to have a sign painter who happens to rock as an airbrush artist on the board.
Hey thx Herb, lots of folks here know most of this stuff but there's some that might like to know some techniques. So I painted the black topcoat and now the green has come forward lol! I'll let this set up so when I put my sticky paint mask on I don't remove all the work I just did. Stay tuned.


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By the way this is going to be for a present at my mom's xmas party next weekend. Since all the folks there are all Harley peeps I always make a Harley sign to give away. It's a $10 secret Santa deal but I will make a $150 sign just because I love watching them fight over it lol!!
That is cool and it also may bring you some business from those Harley's just sitting in peoples garages:D

But some may know how to do this and a lot may not so it is nice of you to share it.
Thx VR, about got er done. After applying the black topcoat the green came through nicely. Next I applied my paint mask and put on some more crackle and let dry an hour. Added my last color layer and did some freehand outlining on the word Harley Davidson. Now to clear it.


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Nice write up. I always wanted to try the crackle stuff. Might have to try it with the plastic wrap method if it's discontinued.

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Yeah I never really paid much attention to all the steps there actually is in this lol! I was reading Valspar has a crackle and Sherwin Williams but haven't checked on it yet. Always wanted to try the saran wrap method too.
That is cool Cuda, I have used the saran wrap (old school ) back in the day on a old 1950 5 window pickup. I thought it looked cool back than , I think that was like 75 or 76 dang I am just getting old...LMAO

But very nice walk through .
Thx Herb, I need to quit making these signs and get my butt back to airbrushing lol!

Yes you do cause I miss seeing your new art:D

But signs have made you money for some years now so ya got to keep making them too...
Ok just got my mess of a garage sort of cleaned up so I can start going on this paint pal gig.
Hey Cuda- Had to check it out before I hit the hay, Very cool tut. It's nice to see how things are done in areas where I have no experience. It's kind of ironic, but my dad used the saran wrap method when he custom painted my brothers 1970 Cuda, and in a post started by cuda. What are the odds?
Not to jack your thread but, those looking for crackle...

Benjamin Moore Paint Store. I use it all the time for work. Probably any of the major paint dealers will have it. Fun stuff. Wonder how it will look with airbrush over it?