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Thought I'd share my setup with you guys. I'm an Airbrush Tutor based in Sussex, UK. I'm lucky enough to have a purpose built quaint garden studio!

  • Badger 100XF Fine, 100XF Superfine. Double Action, Side Feed
  • Devillbiss Aerograph. Double Action, Gravity Feed
  • Badger 200NH Single Action, Suction Feed
  • Several Iwata Neo's for students to use (and abuse).

Air Source:
  • Piston Compressor + Tank (several of these)
  • 2.5HP oil filled compressor + 25L tank. Hooked up to air distribution point - can run unlimited number of airbrushes
  • Sparmax Cleaning Pots
  • Turntables
  • Holders
  • Micro Cleaning brushes
  • Safety Gear - Respirator Masks, Eye protection, etc
  • Various Easels
  • Electric Paint Stirrers
  • And much more lol!

And that's it folks!! A photo is attached :)


Take Care,

I have a question, I also have my easel backed up to a window and it seems to mess with my eyes having the bright light coming in making my pupils want to slam shut, lol. I will turn it at an angle on sunny days, sometimes. Do you ever have this issue?

Great space, by the way, I'm currently taking over one side of my livingroom( bless my girlfriends heart). I'd give my left egg for the floor space alone, lol.
Thanks for the comments guys!!

I have a couple of miniature stage style lights spotlights mounted on the ceiling. That eliminates any lighting problems!
Whow you got a great working place.Saw you also have the Devillbiss Aerograph, I can buy the Devillbiss Aerograph sprite 0.12 nozzel new for €30 he sell,s several.
Emailt the guy if its a single or double action , no respons so far did some googling but the only info that i found is that its a bitch to service correctly with its clutch ring.
Dont know if you have any info, if so can you give me some about it
I would like to see a photo of your air distribution point if possible, I currently use quick release stuff but it still only allows one air tool at any one time.
Your space is so clean! My space is such a wreck...!
Thankyou all! The studio soon gets messy when I've got pupils in it! My wife instructed me to tidy it up for the photo! :-D

Devillbiss Aerograph - I will try and find you scan of the booklet / diagram I once found. It's about 30 years old, but in perfect condition as has been maintained!

Distribution Point - I will take a picture asap. I've got a large compressor with 25L tank. A hose then leads to the Tabletop. There it's split into two via a 1/8" BSP Brass splitter. Two short hoses then lead to the two workstations. Each workstation then has a 1/8" BSP pressure gauge + Regulator. Then connected to each gauge is a standard airbrush hose + airbrush! It does help that I was trained as a chemical engineer once... ;-) I've found this really useful multi holder recently though:


Hope this all helps!

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