My version of poseidon



DSCN6135.JPGDSCN6131 - Copy.JPGDSCN6131 - Copy.JPGDSCN6119.JPGThe theme is Poseidon; sitting on a driftwood throne. These are my laborers; I used a 16x20 canvas, (makes his head about the size of a quarter) and a 3 inch brush to experiment with a wavey water effect. First let me introduce my workers: DSCN6080 - Copy.JPG
1 harbor freight siphon
3 neos
A badger krome
And a IWATTA EClipse
I used a 16x20 canvas then a coat of satin white acrylic baseboard paint. Then I mixed to taste
some createx pearl white, pearlized satin gold iridescent blue. Then some auto air gem turquoise.
I sprayed it on heavy with my small airless. Then I used a 3” trim brush and made wavy brush strokes. It didn’t look like what I had envisioned, but It looks OK. I let it dry a few hrs., then a cat nap, and started to draw my envisioned Poseidon. I used com air black for the most part, it's really nice right out of the bottle. I am used to the cheap apple brand that has to be strained and thinned 50 times before it's useable.
The first pic is the wavy lines dry ready to paint image.
Second pic is my rough drawing.
Third pic is partial painted has some mistakes that needs fixing.
Fourth pic needs more fixing.
Now my4th image heeds bubbles, a final image of Poseidon has bubbles and sun rays. clear coated with a hint of auto air, sparkle gold mixed with the clear.
I had this old washed out green frame that didn’t want to be painted. Just put it on all distressed like drift wood frame. Hope you enjoy . bentoad
DSCN6077 - Copy.JPGDSCN6084 - Copy.JPGDSCN6087 - Copy.JPGDSCN6090 - Copy.JPGDSCN6103.JPG
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Thanks for sharing, my friend. So, did the frame inspire the picture, or did do the picture and then thought, "yeah, that frame will look good." ?

My wife picked up a mirror in an old frame at a flea market this summer for a couple of bucks. She breaks up the mirrors and other glass and does different art pieces, collages, and things. So she took the mirror, but I thought this old frame was really cool and ornate, kind of beat up and old looking. Have been wondering what to do with it, but never thought about just looking at it and thinking, "What kind of picture does it need?"
I go around to all the thrift shops and buy all the usable frames usually for a buck 3at the most. the glass cost at least 5dollars I have a mat cutter and mix and match with what ever works I never have more that 5 dollars in in a frame. Rustolium brand o rattle can has a bright gold that works well If you look at my gallery I Have posted about a hundred paintings most of the first ones were in the learning curve. I am now selling almost all of them for barter or cash. I an not that good but I don't tell anybody. I take pics wherever I go and I also have made a album with Everything I nave done and a repeat takes half the time. Oh the frames I have over 50 and I pick what goes with the pic and a lot of the time the Mats are good and can rotate them. Be innovative. Bragg . M Ali always babbling I am the greatest. Enough rambling from an old man. You are your best salesman. bruce
Cool looking piece Bruce! The frame added a nice touch to it!

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