My version of the trigger extension....



I saw Seamonkeys trigger extension vid on Youtube and gave it a try, I found that trying to build up the whole extension wih hot glue to be more than my patience could handle so I came up with an alternate that works for me.
I just take a small cork, the type that is used for a bottle stopper, and cut it down leaving it a little longer than what I want the end result to be. Then you just shape the end to whatever profile you deem comfortable with sandpaper and use hotglue to attatch it to the trigger, bingo...easy extension! You can tune and shape it afterwards by simply pulling the trigger out if need be.

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Its funny that you guys should menton that, because I use my old tip scuffer from back in my pool shooting days to shape the top of the cork lol. Micron, I thought about using cue tips also, but I have a whole bag the corks, so I figured why spend money on the cue tips.


Ohhhh nooooes - I think I have just thrown away a small packet of pool cue tips ---- of all the Things the I thought I wouldn't need .... sigh. Lol


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That is a great ideal . I just use pool cue tips and they are the perfect size.

Funny Herb, I thought the exact same thing when I saw this mod. :)
I use to own a billiards shop, I should have some extra tips floating around somewhere.


I tried sticking on one of the joysticks off of my old Sega megadrive controler (anyone remember those?) but it wouldn't move and had to take it off, being 10 cm high I also wouldn't have been able to see even if it did move, but I'll try anything once, if it works great, if it doesn't tough, but at least I know, if you try nothing you'll never know.

I notice a lot of people looking for way of raising the height of their airbrush triggers, has no one ever considered simply lowering the rest of the airbrush so that you still have those anti-slip ribs on top?

Maybe if Ken Badger reads enough about trigger raising, Badger will supply airbrushes with different size triggers in the box so that you can choose which one is best for yourself, my RC radio was supplied with 3 different size stick grips and each of them were adjustable in height to suit everyone.

@Ken Badger, all this has just given me a cool idea, go and invent the all new Telescopic Aibrush Trigger (TAT) and be the fist first to supply this innovative new device free with every Krome, I know the idea is mine, but you have my permission to use it, no copyright problems and definitely no expensive law suit saving you thousands of dollars which would be better spent on designing such a well needed device, lol

P.S. hit the like button if you thought this was funny, and in the absence of a "Don't like" button, which I suspect will be coming soon after this outburst, also hit the like button.

@Contenderfan, sorry, couldn't resist, just a little bit of playful banter, all trigger raising solution are cool when they help the user.


I posted this mod of my neo and krome last year. and it is still holding up after hundreds of paintings and cleanings. I used a buffing pad from my dremmel tool and gluing it with gorilla glue and no prep to the chrome finish. the neo cut away is off of an old harbor freight syphon. they are my only brushes and they are heavily used. both are good brushes but I think the krome will digest some of the crappiest paints and not glog as soon as the neo. both will do the fine detail if the paint is mixed rightDSCN5123.JPG


I have done the same as Bentoad and used polishing pads from the dremmel but I glued them on using a hot glue gun and trimmed as per josh's video.


these also work for me. easy to trim and nice on the finger being felt like. but very solid

ad fez

i use a bit of trimmed down eraser, works wellfor me and have had the same bit on for months, this was mark 2 after the "parma violet" candy piece turned to mush under the pads of my finger....... no such problems with the eraser