My Very First



This is my first try at doing a airbrush painting. never done this before. So please let me know what u think, Bad or good DSC_7397-copy.jpg
First time?? You are pulling my leg right?

That came out great the only C&C I would offer would be to have a couple of the stars super bright other than that you nailed it.
Look forward to seeing your second and third tries...

Oh and now ya can go make an Introduction and tells us a little about yourself..
But welcome home and to the family.
Looks pretty or first time, and s Micron said tell us a little about yourself. What brushes and paints you use, it helps us to help you when you have questions.
Thank you very much guys. the Airbrush is just cheap one BD-132 no name on the box, Paints are Comart waterbased
good job! must be getting a different kind of water over there lol. I wish my first was even close.
Collin, the first? I officially hate you. ;). Nice one man. I tried the space scene early on. Not as successful as you. Keep it up man you are doing great.

If I can pass on one piece of advice, be positive and never doubt yourself, it's ok to mess up and move on. I , being of the low confidence persuasion, I tend to be too hard on myself and my ability. This has kept me back even knowing I do it to myself, it also keeps me from starting some projects, or once starting them hesitant to finish for fear of screwing it up.

Well screw that thinking. It's taken me a while to get past it. Never let yourself fall into this pattern.

As everyone always states, and somewhere it's actually a forum name, " it's only paint" . Spray away!

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welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!by the way is a great job!!!:triumphant:
I agree with the sisters and brothers of this thread, you're joking right!! I think we have a natural. Can you do some michelangelo pics for tomorrow LOL Well done mate!
Thank you very much all of you. Hope to get better as good as all of you
Maybe he meant- first try, standing on one leg, blindfolded, and juggling at the same time:friendly_wink:. That's awesome! I love space scenes. There is no right or wrong when you do them. Get as crazy as you want. Keep the paint flowing
I'm finding it hard to believe that's ur first work. Looks great.

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