Name is hawg



Hi everyone my name is hawg, love riding my Harley of course w/ a name as that. I'm new to the game. I practice first on my lawn mower w/ hok. got to find those pictures. Then on trash can lids plastic ones. Paper schredder and so on. I'll put some on see what you think if I what it takes. Can't afford the good guns so I used Master Model G22, G23, G233-Set they work for me. Want to re-paint my Bike myself guess you here that alot. I can draw when I want too and that is not often get too discourage with myself while drawing. That enough of self
Welcome to the forum hawg! Everyone is inspired to airbrush for different reasons, painting your own unique design on your bike will be a great accomplishment.
Welcome to the forum from NH.

Yep, started because of my bike, still havn't painted it yet. Shirts, paper, metal, lexan, mailbox, etc. It get's addicting.
Welcome home Hawg, So where do you hail from? I too love riding my old hog 1949 with suicide .. Nothing beats the real deal:D
look forward to seeing pics of your mower.
HI Hawg, I already welcomed you in your airbrush problem thread, but welcome again anyway.

I just checked out your gallery and I can honestly say, I am very impressed, if you've only just started it looks like you already had some skills to start with, your flags and your hot rod flames are pretty good, if you keep up practicing the way are now, you'll have your bike done in jig time.

Be sure to have good shifty through the forum and don't be afraid to hit us with your queries.

OH, And if you post another twice you can put photos directly into your threads.
Had to be a Harley rider with a handle like that! I learnt to AB to paint my bike too, best thing ever!
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:beguiled: