narowing down to another infinity


Air-Valve Autobot!
s I have to wait til next week to get the parts for my velocity and i just wanted to add some thing to back up the infinity i am going to wind up being the spokes ferret for harder stienbeck that its official there's very little difference in velocity krome and i am very happy with my infinitys performance other thain when the nozzle disappears into the forbidden zone (great movie) .i wanted to add anyone intrested in an infinity should check out the accessories, you can get up to a .6 mm nozzle and huge collor cupsits not just for doing eyebrows and lashes plus theres the spater cap for doing stars flesh and orange skin kind of effects. not to mention that cute little valve that does the same as a mac valve. last there's allot of air brushes with desighnsthat have no color cup, side feed, or small reservoir. if i amdoing something close up and have the paint in a color cup i can take the cup off i have done this allot of times i am still going to give my next brush some thought the only other brush I wood be slightly interested in is an iwata hp ch high line which comes with a .3 i would have to get a separate .2 needle nozzle for it i prefer the larger color cup for now i think that i hear an infinity cr plus calling my name
although i would like to see a difrant ab so if i decide on the hpch am i to under stand that by closing the mac valve almost al the way i will be lowering the psi and this will create this stippling effect to give a flesh appearance the hpch is an iwata i stil haven't tried one of there abs yet if anyone sees this and owns one please give me your input