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Skull King
Just thought i would throw this up here. Not sure if any others do this, but its a good solution to getting a good trace out of your reference if you dont have a light box or projector. So whats better than a window and the natural light right outside your home? Just take your ref, tape it to your window, then tape whatever you use to transfer over that, and trace your ref lines. This will give you more accurate trace outs. Hope it might help for those who dont have those other tools, and cheap lol

Heres an example, just to show how well it works. As you can see, its a real clean image to trace from.
Lmao! That's to funny, not your idea that's a good little tip that I have used. What's funny is that I was about to put a brand new light pad up in here for sale :) dang you VR, Dang you!!!!!!!!

Lol oops sorry Josh, didnt mean to spoil it for ya! Wasnt sayin it was my idea, it was a little trick i learned from my buddy back in my tattooing days. I just remember it earlier and thought i would pass it on. Only problem is you cant use it at night lol
lol, so the sale is back on then!!!! you can use mine at night ;D i like that trick and used it, but i had a hard time working vertical like that, then i bought the light pad and then a projector ;)
I remember doing that as a child , I do not even think they show kids how to use a window as a light box now adays
Better than my idea I was using a drop light under a piece of plexi glass sitting in my lap............. talk about hot pants
Very funny wts :biggrin-new:
Yes well my wife thought so too,

I will tell you another light box I have used, my Acer tablet lock out the touch screen and put up a white background
I've actually traced from it directly and from my laptop although that takes some fancy propping.
Yeah Wts, ive used my computer screen also. You can get a better detailed traceout rather than doing it from a print off. I just tape my tracing paper to the screen and lightly trace it.