Need advice for new Airbrush



Guys i cant choose between these two airbrushes.

Iwata Revolution BR R2500 0.3mm
Hard & Steenbeck Evolution Solo 0.2mm

Help me to choose 1 please. I never used H&S but ive heard they are pretty much good.
Hard to tell, i havent used the Iwata Revolution, but i have a Neo for Iwata and a Iwata Eclipse SBS sidefeed.
I also have the H&S Evolution Silverline, and personaly i like the Evolution best out of the 3 airbrushes.
The Revolution is harder to clean as the Evolution and the Eclipse since it uses a screw in nozzle. My Neo also uses one
and mostly i still have some paint left inside the nozzle if i dont take it out while cleaning, and if you take it out you always
have a little risk that it can break if you tighten it up just a little too much, even i havent had that bad luck yet with the Neo though.
H&S and the Iwata Eclipse series have a self centering nozzle that is very easy to take out and to clean. I also prefere the trigger on the Evolution
since its very soft to press and pull back. A other thing is for the evolution you can get different cup sizes. The cost for replacement needle and nozzle
is about the same between evolution and the Revolution, so that is not much of a matter which one to chose.
I can only tell you personaly i would get the Evolution, but its also a matter of personal preference what you like more. Would be best if you could
check them out in a shop personaly and see what feels better for you.
Paintflow is very good on all 3 brushes, i found out that my Neo needs a little bit higher air pressure then the Eclipse and the Evolution, you can feel it right away when you change the guns
that the Neo lets out less air on the front when you press the trigger. Not sure if the Revolution is more like the Neo or more like the Eclipse in that way. From the spray pattern the Evolution
might be a bit better then the Revolution, but it also depends on the nozzle and needle you have in them. With the standard setup the Evolution might be a bit better in smaller details cause of
the 0.2mm nozzle and the revolution abit better in larger blends since it has a 0.3mm or 0.35mm nozzle im not sure now.
Maybe someone here has the Revolution airbrush and can give you more detailed information how it works.
Hope i will get a few more opinions this night because i want to buy it tomorrow :D cant wait to try a new gun.
Im currently using Sparmax DH-103 with 0,35mm nozzle and i like the way it works. But i need a smaller nozzle and wonder if other brands works better.
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Then i suggest you try the Evolution since it has a 0.2mm nozzle. I havent used a Sparmaxx yet, but the Evolution should be alot better.
You will already notice a big differents with the trigger, and the Evo is very versatile since you can get different neddle and nozzle packages.
I have a 0.15mm and 0.4mm nozzle for mine, you can also get a 0.6mm i think if you need to do more background work, and its changed in a matter
of less then 2 minutes to a different size and no need for any tools.
1st test -

I LOVE IT! So thin lines! Just need to reduce the paint much more than my previous Sparmax ,but that saves me more paint :p. Excellent weight and control .. just no comment :D i rly love it from first try.
Thats good to hear Vedbal, its always important how the 1st impression is when you take it in the hand and you use it.
I also felt very comfortable with my Evolution right away when i unpacked it and made a 1st try. I love how the trigger
works so smooth on this airbrush.
I wish you happy painting with your new airbrush :)