need advice on flesh tone


Air-Valve Autobot!
i am curently working on a large portrait of the blonde in black and i did the flesh tone but i was un happy with the result i dont mind whiting out the whole thing and starting over but i would like to know out of the driscoll set what collors should i use to get a warmer flesh tone im thinking ad white and yellow to base flesh or should i add moss green to ??? any help would be apreciated:encouragement:
I am using driscoll's system too. I start with mixing your lightest tone. Usually it is the base + white. A little red to warm it up. The base is already very yellow. I use this to map out the all the darkest tone. Then i add some violet to get the next darker tone. I do cheat a little and use burnt number to darken the tone. This i use on the next layer. I am currently doing a portrait of some of the blondes kids i have ever seen and this is how i approach it. I usually top it up with the base tone depending on the finish product i am aiming for.

Hope this helps.
A lot of color sets have both warm and cool alternatives, its hard to comment without seeing what mix you were unhappy with, maybe post a close up of the color in question so a few more suggestions may come in, but at a guess, Zotilraxx suggestions may be wrth giving a swing :).. It may also be possible to add a trans layer to warm it up..
I also use the Driscoll flesh tone. Another approach is to look at what color you want to eliminate, not add. In other words if your flesh tone is too yellow, add some violet to kill the yellow because violet is the compliment of yellow. If its too red, add green as green is the compliment of red. So by adding the complimentary color, you reduce the saturation of a particular hue. It would be beneficial to have a color wheel when you do this and only add one drop at a time of the complimentary color. You can still add color if you need to increase the saturation of a particular color as this is how you push and pull color around on the color wheel. You either add a particular color or add the compliment of the color you want to reduce or eliminate.
Painting Beautiful Skin Tones with Color & Light by Chris Saper is such a good book it is not directed towards airbrushing but painting in general but will really educate you on the color theories used for skin tones. It explains then really well and helps you out allot. I recommend this book highly. It definately helps more to not only be able to mix your own tones but also to know why you are going to do it a certain way. Like how to mix wor cool shadows or warm shadows, reflections that go off the skin like if your subject is wearing certain colors. Theories that go into a painting eye movement, entry and exit. Allot of stuff that will make you a better artist period.