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Hey everyone I'm looking for a primer ect to coat fishing reels. I know I need to etch prime the ally first just wondering is there something I can spray through an airbrush so I have more control of where I'm spraying as the tolerances are very fine. So basically it needs to be a thin coat and durable. Will a 2 k primer go through and eclipse .35 or .5

Need help on this one peeps
Well the optimum nozzle size for spraying 2k primer is 1.8 so... you could reduce it enough but then you defeat the purpose of the primer. Better off using the canned stuff. They do make primer for the airbrush in the modelling world for resin cast, so could check that out. If the reels are new, you could just scuff them and apply a couple very light coats of adhesion promotor, then paint away. Don't really need primer unless there is damage on it or really old. The purpose of primer is to block rust from forming and to stop absorbing of the layers of paint. If the item isn't in a raw form, really has no need for primer.
Alll the reels I have painted so far have be referb s so a lot of corrosion so they get sand blasted back to bare aluminum think I will just keep doing what I'm doing. I just wanted to see what my options were. Thanks immortal
Epoxy basecoat be a good way to go. With aluminum I usually use acid etch primer then epoxy. If you don't get a high build primer you shouldn't have issues with tight clearance. Just be sure to fade out the edges to avoid buildup.
If an edge is going to be hidden with assembly, just tape it off and roll the tape back on itself. This will create a very soft edge that will sand flush easily.