Need dvice to buy a new Airbrush


Detail Decepticon!
Hello, I´m planing to buy a new airbrush, the most precise airbrush that I can get, I have narrowed the seach to the followings 5 airbrushs, but as I can´t test them your advice will help my decision.

* HP-SB Plus ...................U$S 300.-
* CM-SB V1 .....................U$S 400.-
* CM-SB V2 .....................U$S 500.-
* Olympos SP-B ...............U$S 300.-
* Olympos Custom SP-B ..U$S 400.-

Those are my choices, the prices are finals at my door, and it will be my best and finest airbrush, so I thank you in advance.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
to be perfectly honest, precision is the person, the quality of bushes you have listed there, pick one, you won't make a bad choice. You can tweek your purchase to suit.
What I'd say about your list.
I like trigger of V1 more for the way I hold this model. Actually, I've bought V2 but installed previous version trigger.
SB+ is also here, I like it, but micron is better for tiny detail work.
If you need detail brush buy CM-SB, I'd do so. It's siphon system. My experience says siphon is better at work than gravity.
SP-B is gravity system brush.
I agree with Mark, a lot of the brush capabilities come from the hand that holds it. Having said that a good tool will greatly assist you in your journey.
each person will have their preferences of gravity/siphon as Vladimir has described, but again personally I'm not a fan of siphons.

looking at what you have:
H&S Evolution, .2
Iwata Eclipse HP-CS .35
Paasche Talon .25
Sparmax DH-3 .35

and what you have on your 'wish list'
Iwata CM-SBv2 .18 the V1 is the same nozzle size but now superseded by the V2, but you may be lucky and still find a V1
Iwata HP-SB+ .20
Iwata Eclipse HP-SBS .35 (you weren't clear wether you were looking at the High performance model or the eclipse HP)
Olympus SP B .18
Olympus custom SP B -cant find specs.

you don't currently have a .18 in your tool box. so if that's small needle size is what drives you, then go for a .18 model.

I have the CM-SB v2 and get on well with it. I won an Olympus side brush but I haven't been able to paint since winning it, so wont provide a judgement on that one.

Happy hunting,
If you're like me then 1 will never be enough!! Just that little niggle in mind of I wonder what........will feel like!!
If you can get the CM SB v1 then that would be my pick, not on the list would be the CM C+ just for the feel and the MAC Valve which I personally like.
I have no hands on with the Olympos but they look stellar. I would apso be looking at getting spare parts and how easy/cheap that will be, I have lost strange parts when cleaning before, like little springs flying out of my HPC when I thought putting 160PSI through the front of the gun to back flush it was a good idea.........
On a side note I own lots of the high end guns, they all feel and act differently but ability and outcome stays the same!!!
I will recommend the Iwata CM-SB just because it is so easy to use and you know you will always get parts. Quick paint changes is useful.
From memory the v2 trigger is a little taller than the v1 - some don't like it again personal preference. I've got a mix of trigger heights and honest wouldn't pick one over the other.
I for one believe versatility in an airbrush is an awesome thing to consider. If you are doing tight small illustration painting than of course a small needle sizes makes them tiny lines easy. However with age comes shaky hands. If you use stencils and masking to create edges there is less need for that small line. Now I can take my Eclipse CS or my HP-C and get just as tight of a hair line and still have the ability to paint a broad pattern without changing brushes. I am not knocking the microns at all. I have intact owned a C+ and SB for years and right now I am trading off my SB for a HP-B. I think the popularity of the SB is become over rated because of Dru and Marrisa using them for Illustration. The only true advantage I see is the ability to brake down the head system for easy cleaning. I will in the future possibly purchase a newer version later on depending on how I like the HP-B+. For me I prefer the gravity feed slightly better. But that is just me. This is just my suggestion. If you prefer gravity and have your heart set on a Micron than go with the Olympos Micron or an Iwata Micron B, but it is the side siphon feed then go with the Iwata Misron SB and you can always change out the trigger and spring if the don't suit your taste. Your the one that needs to be happy. The last thing to consider is your paints you like to use. If it is inks and dies then the Micron family are great but if you use a heavy pigment paint then stick to a larger needle nozzle and make your life easier.

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If you have the opportunity to actually go somewhere and hold the brushes, then do so, feeling good and balanced in your hand counts for a lot with me, and for that reason I don't like SB's.
Any of those brushes are capable of doing super fine detail, but personally I love the atomisation of a micron . However Olympos is said to have that too I've just never used one, but folks here have so hopefully they will chime in. I also prefer a .23 nozzle over a .18. For me personally I can't see how the smaller nozzle would give me anything finer than the super super fine lines I get with the larger one, unless I want to start using a magnifying glass to see lines with, and it just means more reduction. But that's just me :)

As I can't bear to part with hard earned cash I can't see the point of spending out a whole lot more for a brush when one that's cheaper does the same thing, so that would lean me towards the cheaper options, which are still a good amount of money to be forking out.
Personally I have never used a micron and probably never will ,I just found them uncomfortable in my hands, so I now use a cheaper range of brushes from H&S which helped me progress but at the end of the day it's the skill of its user that really determines the outcome of their art . So yes microns are the best to many but I be seen fantastic works produced with an eclipse or an evolution from h&s and then there's the badger sotar etc ,it's whatever works for you .
I agree with ferret, I can get the same lines from my eclipse, but the micron just makes it so easy to do, is just so smooth, and the atomisation is awesome. I think it took me up a notch using it. But if it wasn't comfy for me to use, that wouldn't matter, I wouldn't be able to paint well if I wasn't comfy so I would give it a miss. Luckily it fits like a glove. I love the standard spring too, no changing it for a softer one for me. It really is such a personal thing, so if you can physically get your hands on some it may help you decide.
I agree with the comfort thing, I tried so hard to like the olympos mp200c because its a very good brush. Comparable to a iwata micron. ( slightly more finiky about paint thinking) but overall for the price an amazing piece of equipment. I just can't hold it comfortably because of the cup placement. Once I reluctantly purchased a cm-sb though. I fell in love. It is truly the last airbrush I will ever have to own. My quality if work seemed to almost instantaneously get better, and I can fit multiple size cups and bottles on it to suit my needs. With a .23 setup I just about use it exclusively now. My SBS only comes out when I need yo build layers quick. Unfortunately it cost me quite a bit yo get to thus point since I had to purchase multiple setups to come to the conclusion that the SB was my soulmate lol. The way I minimized the damage was yo huy them used on eBay. Wait for a great deal. Try them out, clean them up and put em back up for sale. I actually broke even doing this and eventually bought my SB new. Not sure if this will help just don't settle. You will find that perfect tool eventually it just takes time and money sometimes. The choices you laid out are all great and I think the only thing you should worry about between them is comfort. Any of them will be top notch.
Thank you all for share your opinions and knowledge, I will take them all into account to decide which airbrush I will get.:thumbsup::thumbsup: