Need help ASAP with stencil


Daniel D

So I'm basically stuck. I take off my atencils and they are not a clean crisp edge at all... And unfortunately I need to do multiple color layers. I'm doing a camo stencil. So I have 3 colors I need to use. I laid down red, then put my atencils on...colored blue...waited to dry and threw the last of the atencils and painted white...and when I took them off It was not a clean edge at all. So I'm stuck and at a loss about what to do...I'm not sure if I need to use the female end of the stencil and pull it off right away for the crisp edge or what. I'm thinking that will be the best idea. Otherwise I'm not to happy with the job. I'm stuck and at a loss. This is for a customer. And I'm new to the business world and the airbrush/paint world. So I'm going to deal with consequences and spend some money and get the guy a brand new controller shell(my business) and repaint it for him.
Also wondering, since I used water based paint if I can just wash it off with some water???
Can you post some pictures (of the stencil and the work)? That will make it a lot easier to see where it goes wrong.

The only thing I can come up with at the moment is that you might be spraying towards the stencil, making the air lift it and the paint get under it.
Being new to airbrushing and doing commissioned work is probably not a good idea. You really should be doing a ton of practice pieces before trying to sell anything. If you are getting overspray under your stencils, it could be as Haasje said and you are spraying toward the edge. Other issues could be that you have your psi too high causing the stencil to lift, essentially the same issue. Because controller shells are round for the most part, your stencils are probably not making good contact allowing for a gap where the paint is getting under.
No the stencil is not coming off overspray issues...
As Haasje mentioned, some pictures would help. It sounds like your stencils are peeling up the paint when you pull the stencils off, right? If that's the case then your prep work is probably the issue. What have you done to prepare the plastic before painting? The more details and pictures you can give these guys, the better they can help you. Otherwise, it's just time wasted for your "ASAP help" trying to get all the facts together so they can give the proper advice.
Normally unsharp stencil edges are the edge of the stencil lifting. Secure it down is the answer. Lower air pressure to help reduce this, spray perpendicular over the stencil as well. Do you specifically need stencil sharp edges? Camo is frequently softer edges.
Other thought - use a frisk film for masking or get skilled up using a good quality masking tape.
Sharpest edge will be with either frisk film of good masking technique
Get some reducer or cleaner and wipe away... water based paint will wash off if you get it before it goes hard.
Another way this could be happening is..... if when you spray over the stencil and if you get it too wet in spots it will cause the paint pool up under the edges and produce a muddy/ blotchy look. So to cap all answers given, make sure stencil edges are smooth(no burrs), make sure stencil is placed properlt to the subject matter, and paint in light coats until you get what you want especially if using transparent paints such as Createx Wicked Detail and any transparent paint basically. Hope this helps
Hey guys! Thanks for the replies! I got it all solved! I am using the female end! And pulling it off right away! Very crisp edge!!