Need help.. Iwata hp-bcs



Hi. I have an Iwata hp-bcs, and its not that old really.. It has gotten to where it sprays paint, and then wont spray paint.. It works like this: paint, wait a second, no paint, wait a second, then paint again, and it does it the whole time Im using the gun.. I have checked the orings, the bottles, and the needle, and nothing changes it.. Its the only bottom feed brush I use, and I use it for my bigger projects... Can someone please tell me why this happens... I have a video, and if I can ill post it on this page.. .Thanks in advance...
you need to clean it. what paint system are you using? If water base you can soak the Nozzle (nozzle only ) in denature alcohol or airbrush restorer (made by Createx) to break free all the dry paint hiding in the nozzle.
Tighten the packing nut so you can feel resistance when inserting the needle.