Need help please



Hi guys, I need a hand on a project I'm doing.. The pic on the left with the skull is the effect I want to do,
Am I on the right track if I paint object the colour I want ( in this case purple sparklesent auto air ) then mask off the design and paint the pics inside the flames and then on top of pics add candy and shadows?.
By the way I did own this guys DVD but I can't seem to find it...

If the work piece is white to start with here's the order I would do it.
tape off the flame licks to keep them white for now.
paint the panal blue (or what other color you want and let dry
un-tape the flame licks so you now have white flames.
tape off the blue so you don't get any paint on it leaving the flame licks showing.
paint in the skulls (you can use a stencil to show where the dark parts are)
Have fun!!
You may find getting off on the right foot more helpful on getting information by making a proper introduction post here
tell us where you are from , What airbrushes if any you own , what paints you are using or plan on using . How long you have been airbrushing.
Most use a silver base coat, then lay out the flames and back tape it so the inside of the flame are exposed, Paint the skulls using white and add your shadows and everything then un mask everything wipe with wax and grease remover and candy over entire piece. Last thing you would add is highlights on the skulls and pinstripes .
Hi there, welcome from New Zealand, like Mr Micron said, head along and give a proper intro... then we know if you want to use a furry brush, a great big spray gun or a 0.12mm airbrush... look forward to hearing more about you!!