Need help with paasche vl troubles


Josh Melver

I bought a paasche VL last year in Nov and I've never gotten it to work since it arrived.

No matter what I run through the thing it sputters. Thinned paint, airbrush paint, rubbing alcohol, water. I bought brushes to clean every last hole I can find. I've scrubbed everything in side I can. I haven't made any modifications with a dremel or anything of that sort.
The compressor doesn't sound like it's pulsing at all. Pressure shows steady PSI.

Same thing happens if I have the trigger 1/2 pulled, full pull, or tiny amount.

Still can't make it run without spitting.

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video is simply water

I've tried every combination of tips/needles I can think of. Paasche doesn't label a damn thing or stamp anything on pieces so its nearly impossible to even look up ideas.

I'm about at my wits end. I just want to use my airbrush. Please help
Hey Josh, you need to help us out here... we ask people do an introduction so we can answer better in context. Where are you from? What sort of experience do you have? If you could go along to the intro section here and give us a bit of an intro into where you live, painting you do, equipment you use, that sort of thing. Here is the link. Check out the nettiquette as well... helps explain us...

Now, What sort of paint? Was the brush new? What sort of compressor? Does it have a tank on it? What PSI? Have you checked all the seals and caps ere seated correctly? Some others with some more Paasche experience should jump on soon.
I went ahead and filled out a small intro. was the airbrush - brand new the compressor - brand new

It has a tank on it
Paint doesn't matter. Everything sputters, even water.
I've tried the cup, and I've tried the bottle to feed the airbrush, both sputters
PSI doesn't matter to the problem. 10/20/30/40/50 I've tried them all and they all sputter
I can only say I've checked everything I know to check. Nothing is cross threaded or sealed oddly that I can tell.

I have tried to clean everything I know. I can't even get a continuous line laid down because it sputters so much.

I apologize if I sound rushing or crazy. I don't have a ton of money so this was a big splurge for my wife and I for my christmas present, and I've simply given up trying to figure out the issue myself.
Hmmm... If I remember correctly this is a common VL problem... Have a search through there are likely some other recent queries with a similar problem.
The compressor you have is actually tankless, its a diaphragm unit. (looks like a tank but its not) Pulsing could be causing your issue

according to the website its capable of only delivering 20-30psi which may mean its not getting enough pressure, factor in the pulsing and I'd say your in for some frustration.

when you operate the trigger on the brush, what does the pressure on the gauge drop to ?

This is what 'tanked' compressors look like.

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It basically drops 10psi from whatever its set to. So normally I have it set to 30 or 40 and once pressed for ~3 seconds it sits at 10 less.... so 20 or 30. It never fluctuates after it "normalizes"

I would consider buying a compressor with a tank if I knew the hose would fit. I live in BFE so parts are impossible to find locally. The reason I bought the paasche compressor was because I was having a hell of a time getting adapters to fit the first compressor I bought and the paasche hose is quite small.
Should do - a number of us have similar models. Plenty of volume and pressure but noisy. Make sure you use a water trap!
With the right adaptors any compressor will do the job.
Noise will be the only factor with that compressor,(60db) adaptors are generally easy to find. (see previous link)

look for oil less or oil free preferably
I'll look into some at local hardware stores then. The only issue I'll have is I don't understand all the threads and what I'll actually need to go from a different compressor to the paasche airhose I have. At least i should be able to find some compressors locally though so its a start.

Technically don't the units only run if the pressure drops in the tank? So they really shouldn't run constantly?
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I cant tell by the pics of the airbrush what end it has on the airhose, my guess is that its a standard fitting, take the hose with you when you go shopping and tell them you need it to fit that hose, they'll sell you the appropriate fitting.
As mark has pointed out, the standard workshop compressors aren't quiet, but on the upside they don't need to refill very often but will scare the life out of you when they kick in, not nice when you're doing detail and are concentrating. :D

Other than that make sure it has a water trap as Mark has also pointed out, (one on the compressor and one at the airbrush end is the norm)
No they don't run all the time. I have one, it's not too bad. You may bee to get some fittings but your standard fitting (at the big end) should be a standard 3/8" fitting. I use a 3/8 aro fitting onto the main hose from the compressor to a 3/8" on the back of my water trap, 3/8" off the water trap into a 3/8 fitting on the airbrush hose. Use thread tape on everything that looks vaguely like a thread.
if you buy the compressor locally you've got two advantages....
- you can take your hose and make sure you have everything you need to attach your brush/water trap etc. (it may come with a water trap )
- if it fails you just wheel it back to them and say 'fix it'
The main problem with local is that I tried this a little last year. Menards, home depot, lowes all have kids running the sections and when asked about the connectors say "I dunno, you can just buy it and return it" and then a stupid little giggle like it's funny. It's extremely frustrating.

That's why i ended up with the paasche compressor because I got tired of the "maybe, maybe not" responses.

I miss the old days of people that actually knew things about their jobs.
At the end I fitted a male aro coupler to be compatible with the rest of my hoses. Take the hose in with you when you get the fittings. I'll post some pictures when I get home.
Thanks for the replies/help as far as the compressor is concerned. I guess at the very least even if it doesn't help the airbrush I'll end up with a useful tool that can be used for other things as well. Hopefully I can figure out the 3/8 whatever to 1/4 NPT.