Need Help



Hi guys new to airbrushing and im stuck on how to start. Ive taken a beginners airbrush course but i still find my self stuck on how to begin. I want to start on this picture for a christmas gift for my friends son. I bought Borden & Riley airbrush paper and I have an iwata gravity feed AB and an ok compressor. I just dont know how to begin this. Should i draw the outline with a pencil or should i just straight try to free hand this. Although like i said im not very good yet. Thanks

Hi darwind, Welcome to the Forum, Be good to tell us about yourself, location etc. There is a board for introductions. Anyhow, IMO if you are totally new to the Airbrush I think you may be too expectant. If you have a look at the Airbrush Tutor videos you will see the ground work that goes in to control the AB and what to expect from it. You can find them on these boards or even on youtube. Have a look.
I personally would draw or trace, then probably freehand the whole thing, but there are a whole host of masking techniques that you may want to practice with first not to mention colour, paints, air pressures etc etc.
I'd agree that it's a bit ambitious for a beginner. I would personally suggest picking one character from the image, trace it and paint that character 20 times, or more. You will learn a bit more each time.
Just as in everything else I do, I would use a combination of stencils, free hand shields, and freehand.