Need help?!



so I Want to start airbrushing, I already have my badger patriot airbrush, air hose, water trap regulator and paint. I want to airbrush a variety of things such as t-shirts, miniatures and portraits. I have a compressor in mind but I'm not sure if it's any good. The compressor is called the SENCO PC1010. Please help me out here people
Welcome to the forum,after I answer please go to the intro section and let us know a little more about yourself so If you have any other questions it make it easyr to help you out ok?
Short answer is yes it will work for airbrushing what you want to do.
(this is why intros are nice ) being I don't know where you will be airbrushing (inside/outside) that compresser is made for small construction projects and might be a little loud indoors,but if your working in the garage it will be fine if you can stand it starting and stopping while you paint,as most people who airbrush do so at anywhere from 5psi up to about 60psi and this ones rated at up to 120psi it will be able to keep up for the airbrush,Hope this helps
Okay ill do that now and Wow thanks soooooo much this truly did help a lot ☺