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Hey everybody I use the search function and all that I've been looking everywhere I want a compressor with a large tank capacity and with more horsepower than just one half horsepower is there anything like that even made? It seems like the biggest one I found has a small tank and only had a half horsepower power. I'm looking for something really big can anyone give me suggestions. PS I'll be using it for T-shirts so I'll be spraying around 60 psi. Would even like to hook up big gun up one of those industrial paint guns so I can just lay my top coat down real fast you know
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Hi Jonathan, people turn up here, ask questions, and, well, you know... it's kinda awkward... we haven't even been introduced properly... :) Pop along to the introduction page here and say hi proper... that way we know a bit more about what you do, what you use, etc. Are you in Namibia, London, Antarctica, all these play an important part in our answer... :) First question, what is your budget, silent doesn't come cheap!
I've got 2 jun air compressors and they are great, the wife don't even complain about the noise there that quiet.
You could get a larger compressor and swap out the motor for fridge ones. It make take a couple of motors to keep up depending on the size, but do-able.
First off you could use something like my Santa mini guns to lay the base down . I use these on my little bam I silent compressor to base helmets even did a car bumper with no problems . The reason is that the new guns use max 10 psi at the tip regardless of the input ,the cam is around 3 cfm for these midi guns . Silent a costs though . I also use a turbine sprayer which I can spray anything with , unfortunately they don't make an airbrush to work on one yet ( sounds like a Hoover ) .