Need some new paint a Wicked question



I have painted all the way through my com art black. The art store here has createx and Wicked. I know that Createx can not go through my brush (HP B+) due to needle size.

I have read that wicked will work. The art store does not have any wicked reducer.

So, can I use liquitex reducer or golden airbrush medium until I can have a bottle of wicked reducer shipped to me?

I am just painting endlessly on poster board but by the end of next month I plan on painting some shirts (In the long run, I plan on painting shirts and art “art” on yupo and eventually clayboard).

Next question: if I reduce Wicked and use my HP B+ at high pressure, I should be able to paint shirts, right?

I am grateful for all thoughts, ideas, and answers. Thank you
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If you local store stock createx then there is no reason they can’t get you the appropriate reducer for it. Always use the reducer recommended by the manufacturer for ‘proper’ pieces that you wish to keep /sell.
Water is fine for practice but I’ve found the paint takes a lot longer to dry, especially on synthetic paper and the erasing is not so easy as the paint stays softer for longer
HP B+ at high pressure,

Will eat all color in that small cup in a second if you use it for t-shirts... Try making big design with it on black t-shirt with white color :D
edit: I didn't try airbrush with such a small cup, but I just imagine how it would go. I wonder if I am right.

I wouldn't use water as a reducer on t-shirts, after all T-shirts don't like water very much

Heat press temp and pressure is trial and error.


This is old example, but you get the point.
hm... why google gives me, one time eclipse hp-b+ and next time high performance hp-b+...weird
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For temporary , need it now situation.... non ammonia window cleaner as reducer...cheaper the better.
Very little difference. In fact they use the same active ingredient . It mixes immediately and doesnt separate like water. I have used it a few times.
The only difference is a tiny amount of soap like substance (1-2%) Which may or may not effect longevity on a shirt but certainly affects nothing on posterboard (at least for a year or so)