Need some verification on purchased equipment



Hi Folks,

I'm completely new to the airbrush scene. My primary interest is in airbrushing models for my warhammer40k hobby and terrain. Over the past year I've hobbled together parts off of eBay but never thought to ask anyone's opinion first :( So since I'm sort of doing this backwards I would still like to know if I made the right purchases or if I need to dump said items and move on. Here's what I've picked up on eBay: Badger Model 80 compressor and a Badger Omni 5000 airbrush. I'm seriously looking at adding a Wilkerson B18-02-FK00 Oil Filter Regulator. Not exactly sure why but I see regulators on compressors a lot so it must be a useful widget, right?

In my test sprays I've noticed I get a lot of speckling on my plastic kits - like the paint pools in small spots instead of an even tan. I do my work in the basement where the temperature averages around 60 degrees. Not sure if that would affect the quality of the spray or not.

The Omni is a nice airbrush, but the compressor is marginal for hobby paints. It might be OK for inks or very thin paint. And, it only puts out 10psi, so a regulator wouldn't make any sense.