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So I've sorted out my tips an needles. Next question I have is when you slide the needle into the gun,you put the tip on an seat it, but there is a shoulder on the needle my tips don't slide the far, I think I have this right because if it go to the shoulder there'd be way to much needle sticking out. Does sound as though I have this correct? Thank you all for this great resource
What airbrush are you talking about? The Badger 105/155 needles do go past the end. But needles need to be pushed all the way into the nozzle.
I believe he was talking about paasche's in another thread.

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I have a vl passche. See how new I am to airbrushing.Another valuable source I've learned here. Thank you
So with the passche needles any ideas why they have the shoulders
I would think that it is so that they are all the same size at the Teflon o-ring then taper to a smaller size where the paint enters the front of the airbrush.
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