needle hard to push through the airbrush



On my Iwara hp-c, the needle is very hard to move through the needle bearing. I always keep it clean. I always put a dab of needle lub on it after each cleaning session, but the needle is realy though to pass the seal. Anybody ever have this problem? My airbrush have about only two paintjob to do, and i always put lot of attention when i clean it. I k.ow after a paint session when it's time to remove the needle from the airbrush, they have always a little paint go through the needle seal, but i rinse it with clean water before to puting back the needle in.
Thank you for your help.
I've had to clean mine from time to time. Some paint will eventually get stuck in there and make it hard to insert the needle.
Like Jeff I have had to clean the needle bearing as well. Make sure you have a large piece of white paper laid out , The needle bearing and screw are very small and easy to lose sight of .
It also may just need some adjustment which in most cases it needs tighten up a bit instead of loosened up .
OK.... I've never remove a bearing. How can i do that? By simply remove the needle chunk and trigger and insert a little screw driver? And how to know if the bearing is thight enough or too loose?
what you have said. Now for if it is tight enough you will feel slight tension when you push in the needle , To tight the needle will not go in , To loose you will not feel when the needle passes the bearing.
ok the screw is remove but not able to take out the o-ring...
take the nozzle off and run the needle in backwards that should allow the ring to come out.

by backwards I mean from front to back ..
I too had a hard time putting the needle through my Harder Steenbeck a Infinity and was forced to take out the needle bearing and do a thorough cleaning. I didn't notice paint on the bearing or anything like that but I cleaned it anyway. Haven't had issues since.