Needle is very tight in new Badger airbrush ?



Hi all

I have just taken apart my new airbrush (Badger 200-20) for the first time. The needle was very tight in the housing and I had to use a pair of pliers to twist the needle in and out of the body. Is this normal?

I watched videos of people taking the needle out of the front of the airbrush (on a dual action gravity fed) to avoid damaging the needle point, but I had to leave the needle going through the chucking nut at the back to support the needle and keep it straight while pulling it out the back of the brush. I was rather hesitant that I was going to bend the needle before I'd even sprayed anything!

Any advice appreciated

Did you undo the chucking nut? Just asking, it happens. But sometimes the lube they put on dries out and everything gets stuck. Give it a good clean, lube the needle again and feed it from the back and out the front a few times. Those teflon seals are not adjustable like other brands so it might just need to be opened up a bit.
May I ask why you bought the 200 instead a 105/155, 100 or Renegade series.
I had similar trouble with my Krome, i ended up polishing the needle a bit more, seemed to fix the problem (polishing wheel on a bench grinder using jewelers rouge med)
Some videos should just not be view by New folks , When you pull the needle out from the front you run the risk of doing damage to the needle bearing , Most airbrush needle are only fine tunes at the point end and not that the handling end. Some may have a burr on them which will cause damage to the airbrush.
Have you seen a video where the MFG is showing to do this ? Nope! Why because if you read the booklets that came with the airbrush it shows to remove it from the rear.
As AndreZA said check the needle bearing , Back it off just a tad and see if the needle slide through with just a bit of tension on it.
Also are you using Super Lube or another approved lube (for airbrush only) ?
I saw videos where folks would use WD-40 that can and will mess with a paint job in a heart beat.