Needle issues



So I bent the tip of my .5mm tip. Ordered a new one. And it's thicker. Not the actual tip, that's fine, but where it goes through the packing. It sticks. It doesn't slide well. I loosened the packin and it slides better. Put it doesn't seem to work correctly.

Any ideas?

I would call the manufacturer on see what they say. You may need a new packing nut also. I had this problem with my dagr's

The old one is perfect. Same with the .3mm. I was going to call them tomorrow

I had the same problem once with my Iwata HP-BH. The numbers on the needle's wrapping were correct, but it did not fit into the airbrush. Replaced it with an other one and it worked properly. The factory simply packaged the wrong needle in the wrapping.
ha, that's vid was pretty helpful! 2 weeks to late but helpful!!
That video was great. Everyone should watch it because everyone will bend a tip at some point.

Great video... wish I had watched it before using the sharpening stone... oops... lol.
Guess its good I have a couple new needles on order.