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Hey guys,

Just wondering if you can modify/cut needle springs? i have 2 iwata brushes (HPC+ and HP-CS)...i recently have done a venturi airbrush course in sydney and used one of their suction feed badger 150s.....really liked it....and it had such a soft trigger, it made "bouncing" off the front stop so easy....but ive found with my iwatas since the spring tension is a little more its all to easy to rock back too far and spray too much paint...

Any ideas? ive tried winding back the spring guide as far as it will go while still allowing enough tread for the rear handle to screw in but i recon id like it to be even softer.

any help would be appreciated.



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There is no harm in replacing the spring or cutting a few loops off. Remember to do it ½ loop at a time. You don't want to make it too soft too soon.
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I've found Iwata springs way too stiff and I cut off 2 loops. As Andre mentioned, cut off 1/2 loop at a time until you get the tension you like.


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First thing to try before you cut the spring it turn out the spring nut , I have found that keeping the needle stock and turning out the spring so you have just enough room to screw the handle back on softens the trigger action a lot.
But I am a heavy hand person and like the harder feel of the trigger so I am just the reverse and have it turned in all the way.
But as JT stated 1/2 loop at a time you can not add a loop if you make it too soft.

Jamie Rodriguez did a great video on tweaking your airbrush.
look here: Airbrush setup tips and tricks. - YouTube
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