Needle tip and cap jammed together. Going bald..



ripping my hair out. Iwata eclipse... My .5 needle tip was seriously jammed tight in the cap. Never had this happen before and clean my airbrush... :( I soaked the tip and cap trying to loosen it and tried wiggling it around etc etc until the point when I get the hammer.... No hope was left only frustration... Hit it lightly and eventually hit it hard a bunch until the tip finally came out of the cap. Needless to say the .5 tip is garbage now lol. Can anyone tell me why this jammed so tight? Now I'm scared to put my smaller needle tip in because I have to tighten the cap pretty hard even with Teflon tape and really don't want this tip to get jammed too.... If I don't tighten the cap hard enough I get bubbles in the cup :(
Maybe you should but some bees wax (or Chapstick...that stuff girls get addicted to putting on there lips to make all glossy) on the threading to help seal off any air. That way you won't need to over tighten the nozzle tip and it should help prevent getting bubbles in your cup.
To start off with, your terminology is wrong. The nozzle, not needle tip, can either get stuck in the body or in the nozzle cap. If in the nozzle cap, then you are way over tightening it. Like Carnun said, use wax or chapstick to seal the threads, not teflon tape.
Also if the nozzle gets stuck in the brush again and won't budge with a little wiggle after a good soak in airbrush restorer try a small amount of heat on it with a heat gun/hair dryer and try wiggleing it loose again(just use gloves so you dont burn yourself)
You mean the self centering nozzle, that justs sits in the body of the brush? Like this

Every once in a while they can stick. All you need to do put a piece of cloth over it so it doesn't scratch, and use a pair of pliers to twist it (you may need to some force, but as gently as poss, you don't want to squash it) and it should come right out. Just make sure is is spotlessly clean, and that the opening it sits in is as well, and just place it there, you don't need to push it in or seal it with anything, when you screw the cap on it it tightens everything up. If you mean the tiny nozzle on the end don't take that part off, they are sold as a single piece.