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I have been using this Neo for Iwata airbrush for about 5 jobs now and it feels amazing to use. I was using a cheap £20 airbrush off ebay before though so this is probably why.

Would definitely recommend the NEO for IWATA =D
Good to hear it's good. I participate in the competition which starts today and main prize to win is that airbrush (it's small local competition ;) ). It's not that cheap here in Poland (about £50 GBP) , but still way cheaper than Iwata, H&S and other pro stuff. And better than airbrush I'm using now so that's a chance to gain some free good stuff :p
Neo is what IWATA considers the new beginners airbrush. One it is affordable and two it runs the .35 tip set up. Over all it is a nice little brush. I got to demo one for a local Hobby Lobby in the town I live in.
I bought a Neo more out of curiosity than anything. I am surprized at good this brush is! I have had a couple of "chinese cheapies" and so my expectations were not high, but I have found the Neo to be a completely capable airbrush for a very reasonable price! Now, if someone would do the same for the compressor side of the house...!
hey there everyone!!! I threw my chineese crap in the garbage can, and they call it a airbrush.My ass. If you ever thinkin about buying a chineese excrement called Veda 180. please dont. Its gonna make you loose your allready *$#^%!*$#^%!*$#^%!*$#^%!ed up head.The thing *$#^%!*$#^%!*$#^%!*$#^%!ed up my painting and i have to start all over. By the way my local airbrush dealer threw me a Neo gravity feed to take home and try it out. you re gonna be amazed he said. pay me later if you satisfied.So now back to the crasy airbrush world and test this little sucker.Wish me goodluck
been looking at these myself got a couple of spraymasters at the moment but they are not very smooth to use so the investment in a couple of neo's might be on the cards!
Hi everyone,
I also have the Neo for Iwata Gravity feed model and i think its really a great Airbrush for the money. Im able to do very fine lines when i take the needle cap off and get close to the canvas with the 0,35 nozzle. I also
own the H&S Evolution Silverline with a 0,15 noozle and the Neo can almost keep up with the H&S, but of course with the H&S its easier to get fine lines cause you dont have to get that closewith the smaller nozzle.
But all in all i can recommend the Neo for Iwata to anyone who just needs a inexpensive airbrush for a start or needs a second airbrush for his work that is inexpensive and good.
Just got one of these a week ago haven't put it to the test yet but sounds like I'm in for a treat compared to the junk brush's I've owned for over two years now in fack I've been feeling about the same way towards these as Badass:D was explaining got my Neo for $38.00,so I'm hopping for somewhat better results.
ANyone know how much they go for please? Having seen the way airbrushing is set up in the usa I am looking for about 6 siphon fed :)
ANyone know how much they go for please? Having seen the way airbrushing is set up in the usa I am looking for about 6 siphon fed :)

I bought one today for €69 (about 58 pounds), I bought it cos I'm still scared to throw paint into my new evolution, I 'll do that when I'm as good as(or better than) Mitch. lol

Also bought some polyester stencil paper, an auto-eraser, some createx paints and red, orange and yellow auto-air fire candies, and after buying all this I got more free stuff, so once again, there is someone running around with one arm cos I bit one off at the mention of the word "free".
i also have a neo. i picked it up to airbrush models but i have gotten into the exercises here on airbrush tudor. i do notice that thinning paints are very important with the .35 nozzle. i get clogs often if i try to spray out of the bottle. you can try it with a .5 needle. i may do this to see if it helps but until then i am learning much about PSI and thinning paints.
I had to pick one up and give it a try. A company called Hobby Lobby sell it for about $60. They have a weekly coupon for 40% off. You can use this coupon on line at their
web site puts the brush at about $35. Im not sure what the shipping would cost for overseas though. I was quite surprised with it. Atomization could be a little better but it is a great little beginner airbrush.
Does anyone if there are any cheap alternatives to the big mouth bottle and or cap adapter to fit the neo please?
The one's I can source are £6 plus postage for the siphon cap with bottles extra.
Maybe it's even possible to find a Neo siphon bottle cap that will fit the paint bottles from medea/createx/wicked etc ?