Neon Purple


Double Actioner
Hi all. I have two of the same color paints, Spectra-Tex neon purple, 55-169, the bottle that has been opened is much darker than the bottle that has not been opened.. Is it because the unopened on doesn't have as much air in it therefore cannot mix as well? Does storage temp have anything to do with it? I do keep my setup in the garage and sometimes it gets down to about 40 at night here in Florida. Looks like the unopened bottle is much lighter/whiter than when I first opened the kit. I keep shaking it, but no change. Thinking of rigging up some type of mixer with my Dremel or my drill. I really don't want to break the seal if I don't have to just to mix it, but for some reason the color difference bothers me.. I guess I'm kind of weird like that, little details or imperfections bother me.
Never leave paint in temps under 65 degrees...
So take the paint in the house or heat the garage.
No crap? Wow why doesn't it say that anywhere? Do you think the pigment is ruined? Once it warms up do you think it will turn back to normal color?