never airbrshed, but i bought myself a present, satagraph 4 kit. gotta learn now!!



names mark, been reading the boards and watching the videos , reading reveiws on air brushes. called the paint shop i buy my supplys from told the i wanted the satagraph4 kit, they had to call sata and called me back 429.00 plus tax with shipping be there in 4days, like i said it was a christmas to myself came in a nice case with hose and quik connects. seem like a nice set and is easy to clean. i'm not a pro painter by any means(i'm an owner operator/trucker) but i learn as i go. last summer restored my 79 ranger bassboat new paint ( basecoat 3 kinds of flake,2 browns 1 copper, striped and buried in clear. trailer got blasted primed and flaked to match. looks sweet!!. next up, my 75 blazer i bought it cali 20years ago been in storage here for 15, it's in my garage/shop with all new panels fully skimed coated door handels shaved ,and primed. here's where the air brushes come in...

my plan for the blazer is aqua green base, green flaked gost flames, 100$bill trickcoming out of the front fenders, and custom airbrushing on the dash and other places as neededall buried in green flake, and clear, want it to look a foot deep. thats my story,
was reading sata 4 revuiews not sure if seamonkey finished with the final opinon, thread seems to have got lost in butts and powder, so what was the verdict, i think i bought a nice set, like tools , by good ones once,when i'm dead and gone (or don't have the talant) it will go to my son. enough for here. first question, went to michales ang got some spectra,got some neons and regular colors, but they didn't have white or black, plus i think i need some of the transparent/candy/pearls to play with , any advice?
Welcome aboard Mike!! If you are interested in painting vehicle's? HOK, or Wicked paints is what you are looking for...they wont fade. Cant wait to see what you come up with!!
If you plan to use candies, better stick to HOK. Theirs will last longer than 2 weeks in the sun as opposed to waterborne paints. But it will require you to buy safety equipment (mask). Welcome to the forum and best of luck with the project.
thanks for the welcomes , last summer i got a mask and picked up a disposable cup setup for my big paint gun,was tired of going through so much cleaner, now i can mix what i want, paint sideways and upsidedownwhen i'm done throw the liner and cap in the garbage and use very little thinner to clean my gun. as i said right now i'm just playing and learning what i can do with this setup. gotta make or buy some stencils, what i'm playing on are some xtra door skins i have there just primed for now. if i'm not mistaking i think i can a stencil made with my logo/ nameView attachment 24709for putting on t-shirts and jackets (than the AB kits a write off) can any one here make what i need to do that,spose that should be a new thread. back to what Meeshellmp said, when i or a pro put it on the blazer it wiil be done with the good stuff. do it once do it right, lota work in that blazer
Welcome home and to the asylum.
Hmm bass boats and 4x4's ? Ya should fit right in :D
Let us know what you think of the Sata airbrushes after you get some practice in on them.
As far as your logo look to your local sign shops,
Hi Mark, never used a Sata, but have heard only good things. If you want to stick to water based, go for Wicked paint. Over a silver base the transparent paints can have a candy effect (not true candy, but effective), or you could do artwork in blacks/greys over silver, then hit it with some clear with colour concentrate for an awesome result. I've done this on quite a few bikes. If you are wanting to do something more complicated, with many candy colours then Maybe HOK is the way to.

As far as T-shirts go, Wicked paints are very versatile, and can also be used on fabric. It needs to be heat set (all fabric paint does I think), and you could use Createx matte topcoat too, though not everyone does. Createx paints are specifically for fabrics, but it is designed to go through a .5 brush, and is used by T-shirt artists, who typically spray quickly, and at much higher air pressure. It can be reduced, but can b tricky with a smaller nozzle, so just something to bear mind.

I would suggest trying white T-Shirts to start with, but if you want darker colours (I couldn't open your pic, I think you need 10 posts?) you will need to lay down a white base first.

So get stuck into the forum, and when you can, show some pics of your boat and the 4x4.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:loyal:
just wrote a post withpics , kept saying auto saved , when i went to post, i had to re log in. it's done this before but the post wasn't lost , any ideas can an moderato find it phone 037.jpg here's the pic i posted and had a nice write up tocrap i hate when that happens, drives me nuts lotta typin gone in the push of a button !!phone 134.jpg ha, the boat pic worked this time?? 79 ranger/ 115 evenrude,lorance hds7touch sidescan fishfinder. fish finders worth more than the boat(man is it sweet) gotta remember copy and paste
it worked!! getting a headach, going in the shop, and play!!, hope someone can find the other post it was auto saved. thanks for the geat info squishy and all, mark