New Airbrush Advice



Hello Everyone,
Been a while since I've posted a thread but I'm just after some advice.
I currently own two gravity feed airbrushes both Iwata Eclipse CS and HP-C.
I tend to use the Eclipse more and when I've properly warmed :sneakiness: up I can get good fine lines and really like using this airbrush.
The problem is when going in close up, the cup does get in the way a bit and I can miss the spot so to speak, so I'm wondering if anyone uses the side-feed models and can give me their thought, experience etc.
The Iwata range really suites me so I was looking at the Eclipse-SBS model which basically is the same as my Eclipse-CS but side-feed which is not a problem to have both.
Just to inform I use the Com-Art range of paints which come ready mixed, no problem but sometimes can clog a bit especially in the HP-B but I thibk that's down to me. Might need to start straining paint a bit more...

hello carl,

u'll have to learn to look at a different angle, event with a sb type u still cant look at it behind the brush, u have to look from the side.
no need for a sb, just practise a bit, u'll eventually get used to it.
Wish I could help ya, I dont own one. I have a couple siphon feeds and you can judge a bit better where you are spraying, but I've just trained myself to use my gravity feeds at a bit of a slant and can do some pretty fine detail. I wouldnt mind having a side feed, just dont have the money, lol. Im sure theres plenty here who have them that will pitch in, oh, and I started this comment about 2 hours ago and just now getting back to it so you may already have your answers!!!
I have an Eclipse gravity and a new micron side feed. I must say that I am really liking the side feed. I don't look over the gun so that the gravity cup is in the way, but I like the fact that the cup is out of sight completely. My next gun will either be an Eclipse side feed or a model up. I also use Com-art and it works great with the side feed cup.

Pity Badger does not have the Krome in side feed version. The cup from the 100 will be great, not Renegade series.
Try not to sit directly behind the cup if that makes sense, when using my gravity I generally sit to the side a bit if that makes sense, also angling the brush a bit may help as rick mentioned..have you considered a syphon feed?
Hey Carly, i do have the Eclipse SBS and i love it. I dont look directly over the gun as i was used to my gravitiy guns already that i had before.
But i do know that alot of artist aim right over the gun and they all use a side feed mostly. So if you dont want a cup in your sight you will love the SBS.
Another good thing is that you can get more cups so the color changes will be faster too.
Hi! I'm new to AB,and this is my 1st post.Well I can't speak from experience,but just purchased a Badger Krome,and Badger 100 side-cup.I tried the 100 side-cup out yesterday,and I'm really impressed with the line it laid down.I think I'm going to like this hobby,not to mention the 100sc you have your choice fine or medium and two cup sizes. Also have to say it was only $31. in Badgers garage sale,The customer support is outstanding at Badger.Last but not least this is a fantastic forum,and I will be a wiser man,Thanks to everyone's shared knowledge.
im ordering myself a chrome end of the month, will be the first half decent airbrush i will have owned, all the others have been cheap ebay ones lol