New Airbrush Evolution AL Two in One



Hello everyone

Sorry if I put this in the wrong category or if nobody cares at all. I just wanted to share my experience (as a newbie to airbrushing in general).
I started of with a set I bought from a local dealer that contained two NoName brushes. I did a beginners course and trained (and still do) all these dots, lines, daggerstrokes, blends etc.
And as there was some money left, I treated myself with a Evolution AL..... And it is just WOOW! What a difference! Lines so thin I can barely see them with my old eyes! Way better control over "where is the point where paint starts to flow...".
I am just happy! And exited! Why did I spend money on these NoName brushes? Compared to the Evolution its like the differnce between a disk grinder and a nail file!

hahahaah glad you are getting along well with your new purchase stefan.... i really like the comparison between grinder and file also!!
Glad you are happy. The problem is and has been mentioned in many opening lines, that people do not know if they will like airbrushing and then don't want to spend money on a good airbrush. The sad part for me is most of my money has gone into good paint and a compressor and then an airbrush. So then the people buy the cheap guns, they struggle, and then don't like it because they don't get the results they see more experienced painters get. When you do a Dru or Marissa class you start with the best there is. If you then can't come right you can not blame the tools.
Hmm, that's right, I did not think about that. So now, there is no one to blame but myself... Damn!
There is a saying here that applies: Wer billg kauft, kauft zweimal => If you buy cheap, you will have to pay twice... Oh well, learned something from those cheap Guns: Avoid them!
If it's your favorite, I can give your micron a new home. :)

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I wouldn't go that far, I just currently use the AL Plus more. The Micron trigger with the Soft Spring and the fact that it's slightly more responsive gives it an edge. As for overall feel in my hand and weight, I prefer to use the AL for most of my work.